Wednesday, February 17, 2021

2019+ Lexus ES350 FitCam Integrated Dash Cam Install and Review

 Fitcam Dashcam for 2019+ ES350

1080P @ 30FPS, 170° Viewing Angle, Plug and Play, Parking Monitor


Yes, there's an affiliate link involved for this DashCam and yes I make a few cents for every dollar purchased using my links, but I have to say this dashcam absolutely rocks.  It's custom-made just for the 2019+ Lexus ES350 and has a 100% OEM fit and finish. Install is 100% plug and play.  This dash cam comes with a plastic housing that replaces the stock housing behind the mirror that contains the radar sensor.  This ensures a 100% stock appearance with the exception of the new bump added for the camera which is mostly invisible from the driver's seat.  I tested it out and the image quality is great.  You can download the iOS or Android app. For me I have an iPhone 12 Pro and downloaded the app using the instructions and setup is extremely easy.  Also this dashcam comes with a Sandisk memory card-- a surprise to me!

So how do you install it? Well once you open the package, you can see it's mostly self-explanatory. But I'll do my best.

1) Optional but helpful, using your hands, gently pivot the mirror down to give yourself some working room.

2) Using your fingers, pop the upper portion of the black plastic housing off.  

3) Slide the large portion of the housing downwards following the windshield--it's held on by two clips.

4) Turn over that big black plastic piece and locate the two orange/brown clips. Gently pop them off using your fingers, you may need to pry with two fingers. BE GENTLE--DO NOT BREAK THESE.

5) Transfer the two clips to the new black housing/camera housing that the kit comes with.

6) Unplug the stock camera wiring harness located on the right side.  Plug the included wire harness into the windshield where the stock harness was unplugged, then plug the included FitCam cable into the stock receptacle, then plug the round cable into the camera's corresponding round cable.  

7) Simply slide the black plastic camera housing upwards until those two clips lock in place. Before you slide upwards, make sure the black plastic housing is flush with the windshield.  Once you hear it click into place, stuff the wires in the available space/opening and take the Fitcam black plastic small piece and clip it into place.  Be careful not to bend the plastic tabs... they may bend if you dont align it 100% at first. If this happens, simply bend them straight with your fingers and reinstall carefully.  

8) Download the app using the instructions by scanning the QR code and follow the instructions.  

9) The dashcam is recording when the light is flashing blue--which should be automatic every time you drive the car.

That's it! Enjoy! Buy the Fitcam for the 2019+ ES350 by clicking here 

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