Monday, February 24, 2020

New GRILZZ for the CT200h


I bit the bullet and purchased the 2016 lower bumper chrome grille surround trim for my Lexus... cough Prius. Brand new from Lexus, it was $280 shipped through eBay via Bell Lexus North Scottsdale. These guys rock and are always lightning fast. Part #53122-76020.  It's a great upgrade for 2014-2015 owners that unfortunately get the gray painted plastic trim piece. 

You can also get the OEM black chrome 2-piece kit (upper and lower) through a Japanese Lexus Dealer... but it's big bucks. I thought about it but honestly this will do for now. Plus I like the bright chrome. Adds some presence.

Installing the piece was not fun... whole bumper had to be removed... easy.. but the hard part was how the piece attaches to the bumper from the back like a puzzle. It's held in by 4 screws and a million clips and the trim piece is also integrated into the front mesh grill like a puzzle. Removing the old one is hard. The new one just snaps in my pressing it in.

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