Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Lexus CT200h (11-19) oil change DIY!

Hello! I realize there's probably tons of DIYs on this, possibly on Prius forums. But wanted to add my own simplified take on it. I like to show efficient/cheaper ways of doing things, while maintaining excellent quality. I hope this encourages those to DIY. Just use common sense and be safe. If you don't feel comfortable undertaking an oil change, definitely ask a friend for help or see a mechanic. But really, it's easy! Just go slow and don't strip the oil drain plug. Also for those who want, you can modify your oil filter housing as someone posted earlier to accept the newer style 16+ Prius, 18+ Corolla style metal oil filters.

I purchased my car with 40,000 miles on it. Dealer said they did an oil change but I do not think so. You be the judge. The filter did look pretty good and a peak inside the valve cover looks clean. The oil looks as if it has about 8-10k miles on it. Peace of mind! I plan on changing the oil around every 7,000 miles or so. I may invest in an extractor to make things even simpler. Or even relocate the oil filter to the top of the engine for a double-whammy simplification. Never need to lift the car again!


I purchased literally everything on Amazon. Got everything to my door the next day. Too easy lol. What you'll need:

1) Oil. I used Castrol Magnatec 0W-20. Not only is this oil the cheapest, there's a video series on youtube showing this oil has the best protection for high temp metal to metal contact. Beating out expensive oils. Win/win. This engine calls for 4.2 quarts. This jug is $20 (price can fluctuate) for a 5 quart container. So you'll have some left over.

2) Oil filter. Genuine Toyota

3) Oil pan o-ring 5-pack

You should have all these things. But if not, here's the tools:

Ratchet with 14mm socket and 10mm socket (14mm for drain plug and 10mm for bottom oil pan cover)

Toyota oil filter socket

Flat tip screwdriver (For little clip that retains oil filter housing--makes things easier if you remove it)

Rampy ramps

Oil drain pan

Oil funnel

Latex gloves

Drive car onto ramps. The electric motor makes this smooth. Put car in EV mode!

Perfect. Set parking brake! Place extra wheel/support/jackstand under car for extra layer of safety.

Pull dipstick out a few inches and remove oil cap and set aside.

The three main ingredients. Oil, filter, o-rings. Don't forget all three.

Remove the 10mm screws around the perimeter of this square drain pan cover using a 10mm socket and wrench. Be sure to reinstall the cover correctly after you are done.

Pic done for illustration purposes. Drain oil first. Then remove filter using the special tool. Remove clip with screwdriver to make things easier.

Drain into pan. Make sure there's no old gasket remaining.

While oil is draining, work on oil filter. Install new filter AND O-Ring (it comes with the filter inside the box)

Button up the bottom. Ensure everything nice and snug. You can use torque specs if you want which is 27 lbs for the oil pan bolt. I just made sure it's nice and snug. I'm usually a stickler for torque specs, but not on a plastic oil pan. Just tighten it down, but no need to use superhero strength. Do what you are comfortable with.

Refill car with 4.2 quarts of oil.

Check dip stick, make sure the fill line is somewhere on or around the top dot.

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