Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Gloss vinyl wrapping your Lexus trim! Windshield post trim wrap


This is how Lexus should've made these cars from the factory but the costs to paint everything out would be quite a bit. The vinyl is SUPER cheap and easy to do with practice and best of all, instantly reversible.

Episode 7 of "The glossed series."

I set out to gloss out every flat unpainted plastic trim. I think flat plastic looks cheap and is cheap. Manufacturers do this to cut costs. Put it this way, you won't find any flat unpainted plastic on an S Class or even some Lexus models.

Anyway I thought about this for a while but never got around to it. I wondered why i didn't do it sooner. I glossed out my front windshield post trims. It took literally 3 minutes per side. Lay a strip of vinyl, press it out with a wrap glove, and cut with a razor blade (sharp purpose made crafting blade) and the results speak for themselves.

Here's the vinyl and ONLY vinyl I'll use:
The razor: (best blade in the industry) don't use any other type of blade, especially those home depot generic ones. you need a precision crafting blade.

It helps to have a heat gun to cement the vinyl down. not completely necessary.

Of course wipe and clean with alcohol -- extremely important.

Here's a before and after shot. Note the plastic trim next to the windshield on the A pillar.

Note my other trim is glossed out as well. same for the A pillar triangle posts, B pillar posts, rear quarter glass strip. Running out of things to gloss. Next on my project are the rear bumper bezels and inner mirror frames. On the Lexus GS, these are painted gloss black and look so good. But the IS, RC, CT (same mirrors) have them in unpainted plastic to save costs. It should be easy to lay down some adhesive promoter, base, and clear over the mirror inners. I may do the entire mirror and remove the vinyl but the vinyl looks good for now. Super glossy nearly like paint.

Yes my lower strip is chipped up. i want to get the stock chrome strip from the 16+ models. it's like $250 though. a hard pill to swallow. waiting for a used one to show up. I may wrap it too but that would require removal of the bumper to do it right. This piece doesn't wrap well due to the curvature.

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