Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Curbed your wheels? Fix your Lexus wheel curb rash for $15 - DIY! Super easy


This DIY has the potential to save you thousands at least return time. It did for me. I curbed all four of my wheels on my Lexus and when I returned it at lease end, the charge was $0. All for $15 and a few minutes per wheel.

I curbed my IS200t's F-Sport wheels.

The rash was relatively minor so decided to fix myself. The parts are less than $15

Here's what I purchased:

Sandpaper kit:
Perfect match F-Sport wheel paint with applicator and clear coat:
Glazing putty:

Here is what I did to the wheel :(

Start by using painters tape and expose only the area you are working with so you don't accidentally scratch or sand the good paint. Then using a q-tip or similar tool, apply the glazing putty over the affected area. try to be as smooth and even with the wheel as possible so you don't have to sand excessively. Let sit 15-30 minutes

Then take your sandpaper (i used 200 grit) and fold it into a small square. And slowly sand down smooth the hardened putty. Don't be afraid of scratching/scuffing the surrounding paint between the curb rash. do the whole area. After you are done, you can apply more putty and repeat the process. I decided I didn't need the wheel to look absolutely perfect. Just good enough. Then shake up your phantom gray pearl paint and apply it over the putty smoothly. Let dry then apply clear!

This is the paint I used.

And the finished product. I could've spent more time on it and sanded it down more and smoothed the paint out before applying clear. But I don't have time for it and it's good enough for me. It looks WAY better than before. And from normal viewing distance you can't tell. You have to go up close. I actually had to look very closely and squint to find the damage so i could take a picture. The touch up paint is a perfect match. Keep a spare in your glove box to touch up nicks and curb rash. You don't even need to putty the curb rash if you want, just paint over it so it's not noticeable!


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