Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Third Generation (14-18) Lexus IS Top 10 Modifications under $100

So you want some cheap mods for your 2014-2018 Lexus IS huh?

Here are some of the more popular modifications to keep in mind if you just got your 2014-2018 Lexus IS or if you are simply wanting a budget-friendly modification to spoil your baby with!

This popular modification is quite inexpensive and gives you more storage options.

I personally have owned this myself going on three years and after using it daily, it remains flawless. It's perfectly shaped to the Lexus IS windshield leaving minimal gap and looks quite high end. It still looks brand new, no damage whatsoever from repeated folding. Highly recommended. See my write up here.

These mudflaps are a popular option particularly for those who have sticky or wider tires/wheels that result in a lot of dirt and rocks kicking up.  It helps give your car a more custom wider and lower look too. For this amount of money, why not?

These carbon fiber mirror covers are popular for those that want a motorsports look for their Lexus IS.  They are inexpensive and molded to fit the exact shape of your mirror.  They use adhesives and install in seconds. Just make sure you clean your mirror well first!

I like this one.  Very clean and sporty looking. I'm considering getting one myself. And it's painted gloss black, too.  

Want to give your IS a custom look and add an element of safety?  Check out these LED brake lights.  Direct bolt on, just requires tapping your existing brake light wires.

Cool and quick way to add some Carbon Fiber goodness to your interior. The photo shows a different Lexus model but most Lexuses use the same shifter so this fits most Lexus models including the 3IS.

I own this one. Looks perfect after 2 years.

One of the more popular mods for most cars, including the Lexus IS.  This fits all IS models.

Love these key gloves with blue stitching. Can never go back to stock (which is no case at all)  Adds a layer of comfort when in your pocket. Plus the blue stitching looks cool =)

I love these and they compliment the stock F Sport wheels really well!  Made of real metal and have a rubber o-ring internal to prevent leaks. Replace your stock plastic boring gray caps today.

Appreciate you checking out my page and using my links. I earn cents for every dollar purchased and it helps me pay for this domain and continue to create content for you guys.  Appreciate your support both BMW and Lexus owners alike!  We all love our cars!

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