Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mango's BMW E46 Power Steering Line Complete Service Guide 323i 328i 325i 330i

So your BMW E46 Power Steering Lines are soft, wet, and covered in oil huh?  Time to replace all of them.  Don't want them popping while on the road. Common problem after 10 years.

This is a list of the power steering line/hose system for the E46.  Double check RealOEM for part # differences between years.

The list

Here is a complete list I compiled and the brands I chose.


32411097164 x1 Steering reservoir ZF

**Check which power steering pump you have before ordering!!**

32416774215 x 1 Power steering feed line Codan for LF20 PUMP** RealOEM says Up to 4/01 production date

32416764725 x 1 Power steering feed line Codan for LF30 PUMP** RealOEM says From 4/01 production date

32416750155 x 1 Pressure hose CRP

32416796390 x 1 Pressure hose w/ crimp Cohline

32416796367 x 1 pressure hose Cohline

Gasket rings (IMPORTANT!)

32411093597 x 4

64508390601 x 2

32411093596 x 2

Universal automotive hose clamps of various sizes from your local auto parts store.  E46 uses two different sizes.  Or BMW clamps and the correct crimp tool.

1 liter of ATF fluid of your choice. Or if your particular car requires CHF-11S, use that instead.  I chose Redline D4 ATF.

Total spent: Roughly $300

Tips:  Buy the correct BMW power steering line removal tool to remove the power steering line fitting from the cooler near the radiator.

Here's what I did:

I removed the driver's headlight.  Then got a small jeweler's flat-tip screwdriver (any tiny screwdriver or similar pick tool will work) and chipped away at the plastic that you depress to unlock the metal prongs.  Completely chip away at the brittle plastic and discard all of it.  You will then reveal the metal prongs - there are four of them.  Simply pry them flat with your screwdriver and the line will free.  Cut off as much of theold rubber from the hose as possible to help maneuver/twist the line to access each prong one at a time.  Voila - easy! The new lines simply snap on! Make sure you take a rag and clean off the hard metal lines before fitting the new lines on. You want a clean seal and working area.

I did purchase the tool though for future jobs and maybe to replace the fuel line near the firewall.

Loosely install all the hoses before tightening it. The correct installation of these lines/hoses depends greatly upon how they are rotated and positioned.  Take pics and mental notes of the lines before you remove them.


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